Newsletter from the Pharos Secretary November 21

Greetings all, I hope you are all keeping safe and well. The latest news about the new strain of covid from Africa is a reminder to us all that we are nowhere near to getting back to ‘normality’. Please be careful out there!

On to happier subjects.

For several years now the lodge has been trying to form closer links with the Dover Grammar School for Boys. Thanks to the work of WBro Roger Gabriel and others, and the co-operation and support of the School Head, this has been a success. In my last Newsletter in July said that we hoped to have our November meeting at the school before the building is due to be demolished. I am very happy to report that the day went brilliantly. With WBro Bob McLester of Bredenstone Lodge, our own Garry Steed travelled to collect the lodge furniture from the Provincial office at Whitstable, delivering it to the school on the Friday afternoon. 1pm on the Saturday afternoon saw the arrival of volunteers to lay out and prepare the hall for the forthcoming ceremony. You will see from the photos what a splendid backdrop the hall made for a masonic setting, not used as such since the Consecration of the lodge in April 1950.

With 18 members, 3 Visiting Masters, The Joint Secretary of the Federation of School Lodges and 9 other guest and visitors from different lodges travelling from as far afield as Essex, a splendid time was guaranteed. The ceremony of Initiation for our 2 candidates could not have run smooth, congratulations WM and all of the officers that took part. Well done especially to Bro Mark Pitchers, Junior Deacon, for the way you conducted the candidates around. It must have been daunting considering how special this particular meeting was. There was a touch of sadness in that we had planned to have the school organ at our disposal but the dismantling of it had already started. Our sincere thanks therefore to WBro Nigel Sanne of United Industrious Lodge (31) for bringing his own keyboard and enlivening the meeting with his playing. When the meeting ended a swarm of human locusts swept through the room resulting in all of the lodge furniture disappearing in just 15 minutes! Sincere thanks to all who helped.

The day ended with our festive board at the Masonic Hall. The four-course meal was splendid, my thanks to all of Grahams staff for making a brilliant day perfect.

Finally to our two new brothers. We welcome you whole heartedly to our lodge and hope you spend many happy years with us.

Stay safe, stay well,


Secretary of the Pharos Lodge, 6967.