Member Lodges

Below is a directory of member lodges and chapters of the Federation ordered by lodge/chapter number under each province/district.


Old Bedford Modernians Lodge No. 5268, Bedford.

Bedfordshire Schools Chapter No.5974, Leighton Buzzard.

Old Dunstablians Lodge No. 5974, Leighton Buzzard.

Old Cedarians Lodge No. 8078, Leighton Buzzard.



Reading Old Boys Lodge No. 3545, Sindlesham.

Aldworth Lodge No. 5191, Sindlesham.

Acre Lodge No. 8422, Windsor.

Trevelyan Lodge No. 9187, Wokingham.



Robert Thorne Lodge No. 3663, Bristol.



Borlase Lodge No. 6216, Marlow.

Old Wycombiensian Lodge No. 6754, Marlow.

Old Paludians Lodge No. 7161, Slough.



Old Leysian Lodge No.4520, Cambridge.

Virtute et Fide Lodge No.7959, Cambridge.

The Porta Lodge No. 9511, Ely.



Hale & Old Altrinchamians Lodge No. 3749, Sale.



Truro School Lodge No. 5630, Truro.



Fons Vitae Lodge No. 8744, Long Eaton.



Old Plymothian and Mannameadian Lodge No. 6279, Plymouth.

Old Helean Lodge No. 6797, Exeter.

Old Extonian Lodge No. 9000, Exeter School

West Buckland School Lodge No. 9037, Barnstaple



Old Dunelmian Lodge No 8100, Durham

Johnstonian Lodge No.9301, Durham.

Old Barnadian Lodge No. 9358, Barnard Castle.

Old Barnadian Chapter No. 9358, Barnard Castle.


East Kent

Old Cranbrookian Lodge No. 6877, Cranbrook.

Pharos Lodge No. 6967, Dover.

Old Harveians Lodge No. 7243, Folkestone.

Simon Langton Lodge No. 7586, Canterbury.

Old Manwoodian Lodge No. 7636, Sandwich.

Old Roffensian Lodge No. 8006, Rochester.

Old Ruymians Lodge No. 8391, Ramsgate.

White Rose Lodge No. 9308, Dover.


East Lancashire

University of Manchester MMM Lodge No. 1001, Audenshaw.

University of Manchester Lodge No. 5683, Manchester.

Old Boltonians Lodge No. 5814, Bolton.

Old Blackburnian Lodge No. 7933, Blackburn.



Old Parkonians Lodge No. 4709, Chingford.

Old Parkonians Chapter No. 4709, Chingford. 

Old Southendian Lodge No. 5403, Southend-on-Sea.

Old Southendian Chapter No. 5403, Southend-on-Sea.

Old Westcliffian Lodge No. 5456, Southend-on-Sea.

Old Chelmsfordian Lodge No. 5499, Chelmsford.

Old Palmerians Lodge No. 5632, Grays.

Old Libertian Lodge No. 6096, Upminster.

Old Loughtonians Lodge No. 7311, Loughton.

Old Esthameians Lodge No. 7693, Chingford.



Old Wycliffian Lodge No. 7228, Stroud.

Gloucestershire School Chapter No. 7228, Stroud.

Old Patesian Lodge No. 7828, Cheltenham.

Via Lucis Lodge No. 9443, Gloucester.


Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Old Symondian Lodge No. 5734, Winchester.

Southampton Old Edwardians Lodge No. 7106, Woolston.

Old Portmuthian Lodge No. 8285, Portsmouth.



Scholars in Amity Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1710, St. Albans.

Old Fullerian Lodge No. 4698, Watford.

Old Berkhamstedian Lodge No. 4903, Berkhamsted.

Old Albanian Lodge No. 4999, St. Albans.

Old Albanian Chapter No. 4999, St. Albans.

Edmonton Latymer Lodge No. 5026, Cheshunt.

Old Stortfordian Lodge No. 5721, Sawbridgeworth.

Old Elizabethans Lodge No. 7987, Cheshunt.

Old Verulamians Lodge No. 7988, St. Albans.

Old Hertfordian Lodge No. 8083, Hertingfordbury.


Isle of Man

King William’s Lodge No. 3883, Castletown. (I.O.M)


Leicestershire and Rutland

Thomas Burton Lodge No. 7007, Loughborough.

Old Oakhamian Lodge No. 8033, Oakham



Old Boys Lodge No. 2500, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Masonians Lodge No. 2700, Freemasons’ Hall.

White Rose of York & Addey Lodge No. 2840, Freemasons’ Hall.

University of Durham Lodge No. 3030, Mark Masons’ Hall.

Trinity College, Dublin Lodge No.3153, Freemasons’ Hall.

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Lodge No. 3362, Freemasons’ Hall.

Kingswood School Lodge No. 4197, Freemasons’ Hall.

Paulatim Lodge No. 4234, Mark Masons’ Hall.

Old Owens Lodge No.4440, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Owens Chapter No.4440, Freemasons’ Hall.

Coopers Old Boys Lodge No. 5211, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Johnian Lodge No. 5282, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Brentwoods Lodge No. 5342, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Brentwoods Chapter No. 5342, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Emanuel Lodge No. 5399, Freemasons’ Hall.

Blundells Lodge No. 5467, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Dunstonian Lodge No. 5662, Freemasons’ Hall

Cantuarian Lodge No. 5733, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Millhillian Lodge No.5752, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Olavians Lodge No. 5758, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Olavians Chapter No. 5758, Freemasons’ Hall.

Old Wilsonians Lodge No. 6602,  Mark Masons’ Hall.

Old Chigwellians Lodge No. 6648, Mark Masons' Hall.

Lodge of Faith for Duty No. 6853,  Southgate.

Chapter of Faith for Duty No. 6853, Southgate.

Old Colfeians Lodge No. 7412, Old Colfeian Club House.

Parmiterian Lodge No. 7413,  Park Court Hotel.

Stationers Company’s School Lodge No. 7460,  Clerkenwell.

Old Foresters' Lodge No. 7726Freemasons' Hall.

Enfield Grammar School Lodge No. 7757,  Southgate.

Millfield Lodge No. 9669,  Mark Masons’ Hall.



Old Hamptonian Lodge No. 5730,  Staines.

Old Masonians Middlesex Lodge No. 7568,  Kenton.

Old Gaytonians Lodge No. 7855,  Kenton.



Nioba Lodge No. 5264,  Newport.



Old Pastonian Lodge No. 8075, Norwich.

Old Norvicensian Lodge No. 9583, Norwich.


Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire

Old Kimboltonians No. 7204, Kimbolton School

Old Wellingburian Lodge No. 5570, Wellingborough.

Schola Regia Lodge No. 9105, Peterborough.


North Wales

Old Ruthinian Lodge No. 9399, Ruthin.



Newcastle upon Tyne Royal Grammar School Lodge No.7463, Newcastle upon Tyne.



Dame Agnes Mellors Lodge No. 3498, Nottingham City Centre

Old Worksopian Lodge No. 6963, Worksop.

Old Elizabethan Lodge No. 7714,  Mansfield.



Blockley Lodge No. 6345, Oxford

Old St. Edwards Lodge No 5162, Oxford.



Old Wrekinian Lodge No. 5481, Wellington.



Queen’s College Taunton Lodge No. 6988, Taunton.

Wellington School Somerset Lodge No. 7230, Wellington.

Old Aluredian Lodge No. 7724, Taunton.

Taunton School Lodge No. 8215, Taunton.

Richard Huish Lodge No. 8518, Taunton.


South Wales Eastern Division

Ysgolian Lodge of Mark Master Masons No.1487, Cardiff.

Llangattock with Howardian Lodge No. 2547, Cardiff.

Harlequins Lodge No. 5793, Cardiff.

Old Barrians Lodge No. 6671, Barry.

Old Goreans Lodge No. 7193, Swansea.

Edgar Rutter Lodge No. 7196, Cardiff.

Ymlaen Lodge No. 8419, Cardiff.

Old Monktonians Lodge No. 8938, Cardiff.



Bridge Trust Lodge No. 2878, Handsworth.

Hanliensian Lodge No. 3935, Stoke-on-Trent.

Old Masonians Midland Lodge No. 6762, Handsworth.

Old Wulfrunians Lodge No. 7411, Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton Schools Chapter No 7411, Wolverhampton

Royal Wolverhampton School Lodge No. 8170, Wolverhampton.



Culford Lodge No. 8482, Bury-St. Edmonds.



Tiffinian Lodge No. 3530, Surbiton.

Westminster City School Lodge No. 4305, Croydon

Rutlish Lodge No. 4416, Sutton.

Wandsworthians Lodge No. 5365, Sutton.

Lovekyn Chantry Lodge No. 6807, Kingston.

Old Farnhamians Lodge No. 7282, Farnham.

Old Strodians’ Lodge No. 7803, Chertsey.



Past and Present Lodge No. 2665, Brighton.

Old Brightonian Lodge No.4104, Brighton.

Richard Collyer Lodge No. 4905, Horsham.

Hurst Johnian Lodge No.4937, Hassocks.



Laurence Sherriffe Lodge No. 3497, Rugby.

Aston Old Edwardian Lodge No. 3857, Birmingham.

Shenstonian Lodge No. 5544, Solihull.

Old Veseyan Lodge No. 7924, Sutton Coldfield.

Schola Warwicensis Lodge No. 9321, Warwick.


West Kent

John Roan School Lodge No. 5085, Welling.

Willaim D’Aeth Lodge No. 8710, Dartford.


West Lancashire

South Shore Lodge No.4672, Thornton Cleveleys.

Old Crosbeian Lodge No. 4992, Crosby.

Old Huttonian Lodge No. 7614, Hutton.

Old Masonians West Lancashire Lodge No. 7702, Liverpool.

Old Lerpoolian Lodge No. 9270, Woolton.



Old Dudleian Lodge No. 6734, Dudley.

Old Halesonian Lodge No. 7104, Halesowen.

Sebright Old Wolvernians Lodge No. 8007, Halesowen.


Yorkshire North and East Ridings

Hull Old Grammarians Lodge No. 5129, Hull.

Hull Old Grammarians Chapter No. 5129, Hull.

Old Peterite Lodge No.6412, York.

White Rose Schools Chapter No. 6843, Bridlington.

Old Hymerian Lodge No. 6885, Hull.

Mitre Lodge No. 7321, York.

Mitre Chapter No. 7321, York

Old Pocklingtonian Lodge No. 7867, Pocklington.


Yorkshire West Riding

University Chapter, Sheffield, 3911, Sheffield.

Old Giggleswickian Lodge No. 8263, Settle.

Sheaf Lodge No. 6990, Sheffield.

Bradfordians Lodge No. 9886