R.W. Bro Sir David Wootton, Assistant Grand Master - Bradfordians Lodge No. 9886




R.W. Bro. Digby Woods, PProvGM (Berkshire) - Aldworth Lodge No. 5191

V.W. Bro. Dr John White JP, PGSwdB, PDepProvGM (Worcs) - Old Dudleian Lodge No. 6734

R.W. Bro. Jeffrey Gillyon, Provincial Grand Master (Yorkshire North & East Riding)

- Old Hymerian Lodge No. 6885

V.W. Bro Dr Nigel Bramley-Haworth, PGSwdB, PDepProvGM (East Lancashire) -

Old Blackburnian Lodge No. 7933

R.W. Bro. David L Jenkins, PProvGM (Somerset) – Taunton School Lodge No 8215

R.W. Bro. Colin Harris, PProvGM (Hertfordshire) – Old Albanian School Lodge No 4999




W. Bro. Norman Rowe, PGStB - Old Hamptonian Lodge No. 5730

W. Bro. Dudley Newiss - South Shore Lodge No. 4672

W. Bro. Peter Whittinghamformerly of Queen’s College Taunton Lodge No. 6988

W. Bro. N T Malden - Old Veseyan Lodge No. 7924

W. Bro. John Hubbard, PSGD – Old Brentwoods Lodge No. 5342

W. Bro. Ronald Barham - Old Blackburnian Lodge No. 7933




W. Bro. Terry Hall - Old Wilsonians Lodge No. 6602




W. Bro. Michael Button - Taunton School Lodge No. 8215




W. Bro. Robert Ward - Old Pocklingtonian Lodge No. 7867




W. Bro. John R Hubbard, PSGD - Old Brentwoods Lodge No 5342

W. Bro. John S C Woodville - Tiffinian Lodge No 3530




W. Bro. Adrian White - Old Pocklingtonian Lodge, No 7867

W.Bro. Scott Dunn - Old Wilsonians Lodge No. 6602




W. Bro. Andrew M. Boakes – Old Hertfordians’ Lodge, No 8083 [elected 2016] (elected 2021)

W. Bro. Rick Walker — Old Crosbeian Lodge. No 4992 [elected 2017] (re-elected 2021)

W. Bro. Ken Oliver — Old Masonians Midland Lodge, No 6762 [co-opted 2016] (elected 2018)

W. Bro. Sarbjeet Singh - Old Brentwoods Lodge No 5342 [co-opted 2019] (elected 2021)

W.Bro Arthur Hornby - Pharos Lodge No. 6969 [elected 2023]

W. Bro. Ian Simpson — Old Southendians Lodge. No 5403 [co-opted 2020]

W. Bro. Ken Wootton — Bradfordians Lodge. No 9886 [co-opted 2021]

W. Bro. Tim Worrall — Bradfordians Lodge. No 9886 [co-opted 2021]

W. Bro. John Hitchin — Old Kimboltonians' Lodge. No 7204 [elected 2023]

W. Bro. Martin Wilson — Old Kimboltonians' Lodge. No 7204 [to be co-opted 2022] 



(As Above):

Northern Region: W. Bro. Barham               

West Midlands: W. Bro. Oliver

Beds, Berks, Bucks, Oxon:  W. Bro. Button

East Anglia: W. Bro. Hubbard   

Kent: W.Bro. Hornby          

Hertfordshire: W. Bro. Boakes

Middlesex, Surrey: W. Bro. Woodville          

London (lead): W. Bro. Hall

Northants, Hunts & Cambs: W. Bro . Hitchin

(Co-Opted to Committee):

S. Wales, Somerset, Bristol and Gloucester: TBE

North West: W.Bro. Damien McKeand - Old Huttonian Lodge No. 7614

North East: TBE

Yorkshire: W.Bro. Prof. Brian Pollard - University of Nottingham Lodge No. 7598

Devon and Cornwall: W.Bro. Brendon Brookshaw - Old Plymouth & Mannameadian Lodge No. 6279

East Midlands: W. Bro. Howard Jackson — Old Worksopians Lodge No. 6963

South Coast: W. Bro. Terry Hotchkiss— Old Symondian Lodge No. 5734

London: W.Bro. Nick Watts - Trinity College Dublin Lodge No. 3135





W. Bro. Grant Burton - Mitre Lodge of York No. 7321

     W.Bro James Mackman - Mitre Lodge of York No. 7321