The Travelling Gavel

Rules appertaining to the Federation of School Lodges ‘Travelling Gavel’

  1. The intention on the ‘Travelling Gavel’ is to encourage visiting between lodges in the Federation of School Lodges.

  2. At each annual festival of The Federation of School Lodges, the ‘Travelling Gavel’ will be awarded to the lodge, other than the host lodge and ‘Festival Gavel Lodge’, that has the most Brethren in attendance.

  3. Pursuant to rule 2 above, if two or more lodges tie for the most brethren in attendance, the lodge which has travelled the further distance to attend the festival will be awarded the ‘Travelling Gavel’.

  4. The lodge in possession of ‘Travelling Gavel’ is requested to display it at their festive board after each of their regular lodge meetings, during their period of possession.

  5. Any lodge in membership of The Federation of School Lodges may claim possession of the ‘Travelling Gavel’ from the lodge currently in possession providing they do so in compliance with these regulations. For the purpose of these rules any lodge endeavouring to claim possession of the ‘Travelling Gavel’ is known as a ‘Rescuing Lodge’.

  6. In order to have a valid claim for possession of the ‘Travelling Gavel’, a Rescuing Lodge must have at least 3 members of their lodge (Subscribing or Honorary) in attendance and dining at a regular, or emergency, meeting held under the warrant of the lodge in possession of the ‘Travelling Gavel’ and must state that claim prior to the WM of the host lodge commanding the taking of the Tyler’s toast.

  7. Should two or more, eligible, ‘Rescuing Lodges’ be in attendance and make valid claims for possession of the ‘Travelling Gavel’, any lodge who has already had possession of the gavel during the current Festival Year will be excluded in favour of those who have not. Should there still be two or more eligible lodges the eligible lodge with the most brethren in attendance will take possession of the ’Travelling Gavel'. In the case of a tie the same process as Rule 3 above should be followed.

  8. In all case of dispute with regards to Rules 2,3,6 or 7 the ‘Committee Overseer’ will make a determination and his decision will be final.

  9. Rescuing Lodges must inform the lodge to be visited of their intention to rescue the ‘Travelling Gavel’, in order to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

  10. In order for potential Rescuing Lodges to discover the present location of the Travelling Gavel the Rescuing Lodge must inform the Committee ‘Overseer of the Gavel’ as soon as possible to enable the location of the Travelling Gavel to be published on the Federation website. Contact details can be found on the Federation website at The Rescuing Lodge must also inform the overseer of the Lodge Number, date and location from which the Travelling Gavel was rescued and the dates and venues of their upcoming regular meetings, so that a permanent record is maintained.

  11. Any Lodge that takes the Gavel “home” is requested to make a Donation of at least £10 to a charity of the Host Lodge’s choice.

  12. The Travelling Gavel remains the property of the Federation of School Lodges, and may be recalled at any time. This recall will not be done unreasonably, but if recalled, the current holders must ensure its safe return.

  13. Intending rescuing Lodges must agree to the Rules applicable to the ‘Travelling Gavel’ and it is assumed that those Lodges rescuing the Travelling Gavel have undertaken to comply with the Rules in full.

  14. Any Lodge that is in possession of the ‘Travelling Gavel’ and has no regular meetings of their Lodge prior to the next Festival of The Federation of School Lodges (usually the 1st Saturday in September of every year) will be deemed the ‘Festival Gavel Lodge’.

  15. The ‘Festival Gavel Lodge’ undertakes to ensure that the ‘Travelling Gavel’ is present at the annual festival of The Federation (preferably with brethren in attendance to hand over the ‘Travelling Gavel’) so that rule 2 can be complied with.

Overseer of the Gavel

Terry Hall