About Us

The idea of a Union of London School Lodges was mooted as early as 1934 but nothing materialised until the autumn of 1945 when 27 School Lodges in London and the Home Counties were invited to an exploratory meeting at the Kingsley Hotel, London. Twenty two Lodges were represented and after full discussion a provisional committee was elected to prepare a scheme for submission to all School Lodges in London and the Provinces. The proposals of the committee were circulated in April 1946 and 14 Lodges expressed their intention to support the scheme. It was considered that there was sufficient support to justify further action and a General Meeting was held at Emanuel School in January 1947 when it was unanimously agreed “That a Federation of School Lodges be formed forthwith”. A Management Committee consisting of 3 brethren from London Lodges and 3 from Provincial Lodges was appointed to prepare a draft constitution.

The First Annual Business Meeting and Festival was held in January 1949 at the Masonic Hall, Staines, organised by Old Hamptonian Lodge No. 5730. At this meeting 33 elected representatives as well as many other brethren from 21 Federation Lodges attended to receive the committee’s report and to elect the officers. Following the Business Meeting, a regular meeting of the Lodge was held, followed by dinner at the Masonic Hall.

And so the Federation was launched. It has pursued a successful course and now numbers 173 Lodges & Chapters (including three Mark Lodges) from all over the country. These include Lodges associated with colleges and universities.