Giggleswick to Kimbolton The Travelling Gavel

On the misty eve of Friday 17th December 2021, the Travelling Gavel was formally presented to Acting Worshipful Master of Old Kimboltonians Lodge 7204, W Bro Bruce White, by W Bro Paul W Durkin PPJGW the Worshipful Master of Old Giggleswickian Lodge 8263 accompanied by the Federation of School Lodges Joint Secretary W Bro John Hubbard PSGD, Old Brentwoods Lodge 5342.

Kimbolton School was established in 1600 and purchased the Castle in the middle of the last century from the Dukes of Manchester. In addition to impressive external architecture, it’s internal beauty is complemented by many impasto style oil portraits, including this rare informal picture of a young Oliver Cromwell in a confident and relaxed pose.

The Lodge Room is situated in the original Tudor Chapel with Murals adorning the walls painted by the Venetian Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini and is a warm and intimate setting - a Passing Ceremony was conducted to an excellent standard, interspersed with good humour and eccentricity.

The Festive Board was held in the magnificent and opulently decorated Saloon Hall, a fine example of the work of Sir John Vanbrugh, of Yorkshire Castle Howard architectural fame, see the gilded pillars and Brethren in fraternal harmony - a lovely and joyous evening was enjoyed by all.

W Bro Paul W Durkin PPJGW

Old Giggleswickian Lodge 8263